Sponsorship Information

Project Coordinator: Alan Carter
Alan who is the coordinator for this project has been a Buddhist within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition since 1993. He has studied within that time for 8 years intensively at Chenrezig Institute, Eudlo, Qld on the Buddhist Study Programme. He has taught at Chenrezig Institute, Langri Tangpa, Chandrakirti Centre and has led various retreats. He is the current western resident teacher at Chandrakirti Meditation Centre, New Zealand.

Sponsorship Payment Details

Donation payments can be made by direct credit in to the project bank account internationally or nationally or by posting a cheque or by Paypal below. Please contact us for payment instructions by cheque or bank details for direct deposit. Upon receipt of cheque, direct deposit or credit card payment you will receive a confirmation email. Please note direct credit payment is preferred as Paypal does deduct a fee from each donation.

Sponsors names will be listed on website and in published book or indicated as anonymous upon your request. Any donations exceeding our required amount will be used to sponsor the translation of other key Tibetan Buddhist works.

Thank you for your consideration,
Alan Carter
Project Coordinator

Project Status
The website has been set up, fundraising and translation work has commenced. As the project progresses regular updates will be made to this website and we will sending emails out when key milestones have been reached. If you wish to be part of our mailing list, please contact us.

List of Sponsors

Sponsors are listed by request only in order to protect their privacy and anonymity. Thank you to all other the sponsors that remain anonymous.
Elaine & Chris Kang Stephanie Mcgrane Chan Yew Mun Tony Steel
Majola Oosthuizen Kerry Calcraft & Jamieson Lowe Alan Carter George Manos
Carey Idle George Farley and Adele Hulse Wolfgang Brandt Ven. Tsapel
Esther Carter John Waite Hayagriva Centre Pat Huynh
Gerald Noack John Stretton Ben Isbel Mark Caristi
Jose Gonzalez Phillipa Rutherford Erick Neiss Di Lookman
John and Maarit Beattie Tamara Johnson Yuchin Cheng