Translation and Publication

The complete process of translation and publication will involve a number of activities over a two year period. This section will be regularly updated to show current progress on all activities.

Draft Translations

As the translation is undertaken, draft translations will be uploaded here in pdf format for download. Please check back regularly for updates or send us an email and we will let you know when new updates are uploaded. A number of draft translations have already been completed and are available for download below (right click the link and save as):

Download Chapters 1 and 2 in PDF
Draft uploaded: 25/01/2011

Activities and Cost breakdown




Translation of 163 folio Tibetan text by Ian Coghlan.

Payment to translator is based on rates of US$150 per folio as per Institute of Tibetan Classics (ITC), Montreal, Canada for Wisdom Publications. This gives $150 x 123 folios costing US$18 450 or AU$20,600 (at an exchange rate 0.896 US/AU$ as agreed at time of contract)


Preparation of preface

Proposed offering to His Holiness Dalai Lama for writing a preface


Preparation of introduction

Introduction by well known Tibetan Buddhist Scholar


Preparation of Critical edition

Tibetan Buddhist scholar reconciling any differences between Tibetan printed editions This assessment will be based on the edition prepared by Max Welleser (editor) Buddhapalita Mulamadhyamakavrtti. Motilal Banarsidas. India, 1992.


Marketing/advertising, etc

Miscellaneous expenses